About Us

Digimas Studio is a photographic and video production company. Operating for over a decade in the wedding industry. Based in London, Oslo and Islamabad. We specialise in Luxurious weddings and corporate Events.Some of you may have riddle over the difference between just conventional professional photography and high end photography. It's not just another quirk of impulsive photography world. There are some divergences all things considered. The object is that high end photography is supposed to be fashioned by channels of more expensive and technologically expansive photography gear. Therefore, high end photography turns out to be more enticing and spellbinding.Over 10 years of existence, DIGIMAS STUDIO have become synonymous with a commitment to design an impecca ble taste. This extends to their content as well. Digimas is created for alluring and mesmerising its patrons.Digimas manages to seize the essence of the brand in its entirety. Content created communicates the emotion behind the production along with the allure of its rich legacy. Each project is crafted to express the sense of exclusivity that comes with owning a redartmedia tag. redartmedia has crafted a place for itself in the modern fairy-tale.The ultir purpose of artmedia is charm to phisticated and perceptive clients who by all means have all the ability to afford such a digital luxury. For the most part those are various celebrities and famous people, as well as prosperous businessmen and entrepreneurs, well-off people, and venturesome customers who just would like to have posh and fascinating photos done by luxury photographers, for occasion, to remember your wedding day or an important event properly.


Digimas Cinematography offers professional wedding video services internationally as we as the UK.We specialise in producing bespoke high-end cinematography and storytelling for couples looking for something more artistic and personal. We'll Capture the events of your wedding day in the same way that professional cinematic art films are created - lights, cameras and two talented cinematographers who will remain as unobtrusive as possible.With the use off Multiple HD DSLR cameras and use of Cranes and Gimbals we will give maximum scoop to deliver highest quality possible. (An additional use of equipment such as crane jibs and drawn are also available for hire upon request.)As a final service of our cinematic package you will benefit from Blu Ray HD disks with custom artwork and menus. We will present copies of your cinematic film, in personalised custom hard-case packaging and personalised USB.